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Life can be full of distressing events. Bereavement and grief following the death of a loved one are major risk factors for mental health disorders. Individuals who suffer from traumatic injuries, such as those from accidents or violence, often experience mental health challenges following the event. The diagnosis of a serious illness such as cancer or a chronic disease can lead to significant psychological distress.

Dr. Knatokie Ford is a living testament of the human capacity to transcend trauma and pain to find wellbeing and joy again. Between September 2020 and January 2023, she navigated a series of devastating life events—the traumatic loss of her father, a breast cancer diagnosis, and a fateful accident where she was hit by a car, leaving her with a severe jaw fracture among other injuries.

With her jaw wired shut, Dr. Ford made a grueling commitment to approach healing and recovery with measured intentionality. Her powerful journey compelled her to create How Black is Your Beautiful?®, a thought-provoking wellbeing concept that leverages the power of healing with intentionality to cultivate inner peace that produces outer excellence. 

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How Black is Your Beautiful?® affirms the importance of making conscious choices to allow the darkness of difficult times to introduce light into our beings. It is also an invitation to honor private battles, acknowledge unseen efforts, and celebrate every step of progress, no matter how incremental. 


Dr. Ford will take audiences on an intimate journey to discover that the spirit possesses an invincible power to adapt and evolve, and amid the soul’s expansion, the body serves as the ultimate truth teller.  She will share the healing tools and practices that she has used and developed, including: 


  • Healing with Intentionality: Become an anthropologist of your life to carefully craft and curate your healing ecosystem.

  • Cultivating Inner Peace: Transmute the pain of suffering into personal growth. Proactively practice self-validation and celebrate progress.

  • Expressions of Excellence: Release limiting ideals and open up to life so that personal and professional aspirations can be reinvigorated, reimagined, and realized.


Our inward journeys to wholeness enable us to connect with our higher selves, creating beautiful expressions of our greatest authenticity. This deeply personal and inspiring talk has universal application to empower and encourage a range of people at various points in their wellbeing journeys, particularly those who feel they are in seemingly relentless seasons of life.

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